Let Painting Talk | Ce Jian: On Abstraction's Potential
Taikang Space, Beijing, May 2021
美好年代正在终结?青年艺术家谈 (Interview with Ce Jian)
Art Trade Journal, “AB 先锋 | Pioneer”,Vol. 3, 2020
Ce Jian & Yuzheng Cheng: Words of Art
Yell Space Shanghai, solo project exhibition, April 2019
On Removing the Banal from the Abstract - A Conversation with Ce Jian
Heinz-Norbert Jocks, catalogue "简策 | Ce Jian", 2018
Between the Worlds: Reality Versus Virtual Reality in the Work of Ce Jian
Henrike Mund, from the catalogue "简策 | Ce Jian", 2018
Illusion, Painting, and the Creation of Knowledge
He Jing, from the catalogue "简策 | Ce Jian", 2018
Ce Jian: How the Canvas Behaves As a Digital Screen
Alex Gobin, HuArts, 7/29/2017
Jian Ce: La Grande Illusion
Wang Wenfei, LEAP Magazine, No. 43, Feb. 2017
Portfolio: CE JIAN 简策
Works 2013-2015
Review: Ce Jian "Velum" at Philine Cremer
Emmanuel Mir, TRYLON, 10/19/2015
Catalog: CE JIAN | Galerie Philine Cremer
Works 2013-2014, texts by: Tina Sauerländer and Meta Marina Beeck

Jian Ce: Projection
Venus Lau, LEAP Magazine, No. 28, Aug. 2014
The Immeasurable 'Experience'
Li Ning, IART, Aug. 2014
Ce Jian on "Projection"
Han Li, Artforum China (artforum.com.cn), 07/03/2014
Interview with Ce Jian - Image and “Projection”
Liu Pengfei, 艺术中国 Art China, 07/17/2014
Künstlerisches Spiel
Ina Schulze, Weser Kurier, 01/23/2014
"Smile Without A Face" at White Space Beijing
凤凰卫视 Phoenix TV (Hongkong), 12/22/2012
Marco Polo: A Travel Guide – Jian Ce Solo Exhibition
Art Link Art, 05/15/2010
Art Report. The artists network, 01/16/2010
他人中的我 / Das Ich im Anderen
Dan Ya, 德国之声 Deutsche Welle, 03/06/2011
Her self-portrait is a shadow
Qi Xin, 艺术与设计 Art and Design Magazine, No. 5, May 2010
Ce Jian untersucht Gesichter in der Galerie Läkemäker
Dr. Andrea Hilgenstock, Die Welt, 03/05/2010
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